Cannabis Products for Women

I was recently quoted in an article by Nellie Bowles that was published in re/code entitled

Women in Pot Tech, a Focus on Seniors and Yoga Spenders

A dome lounge at potpreneur night. Photo by Nellie Bowles

Here’s an excerpt:  

Aundre Speciale, co-founder of the Cannabis Buyers Club of Berkeley, said that a lot of the gender issues in early pot had to do with marketing and weed names. Pot with a name like Cinderella 99 does well with women.

“Anything that’s called ‘sweet island skunk’ or ‘pineapple’ or ‘island delight,’ the girls are on it,” Speciale said. “It comes from being not so savvy with the strains and looking for something that feels comfortable.”

Read the full story here –>

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About Aundre Speciale | Speciale Affect

Longtime cannabis activist, dispensary director and public speaker. In her spare time, she's an avid music enthusiast, surfer, vegan and mother of two beautiful children.
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