Public Speaking

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Aundre speaks at 2015 Int’l Cannabis Business Conference. Photo by Coral Reefer –

*Cannabis Activist *
* Dispensary Director *
* Public Speaker *
* Cannabis Industry Consultant *

With over 25 years of successes, and many lessons learned in the cannabis movement, Aundre Speciale is often asked to share the experiences and strategies she’s cultivated in her relentless quest to deliver compassion with passion.

Along her journey, Aundre has opened multiple cannabis dispensaries, and has assisted in helping countless others to establish throughout California.  Through this process she’s developed a signature skill set, philosophy and business model that can only be described as the “Speciale Affect.”

Aundre has spoken at numerous protests, policy reform events, and business conferences discussing a range of issues including political reform strategies and what it takes to change the social narrative, the challenge of opening and running a successful compassion club, innovations in marijuana medicinals and patient care, and adapting to rapidly-changing and varied regulations while staying true to the mission of serving the needs of patients and the community at large.

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